About Us

Development approach & working Strategy of Organization:
Village Development Foundation (VDF) stresses on process oriented development approach rather than that of task-oriented for making the Programme people oriented, socially accepted and leading towards sustainability through local resource mobilization. To achieve the said strategy, VDF adopts non-directive, bottom-up and people’s participatory development approach & working strategy in program implementation. VDF always undertakes need-based Programme for implementation.

Presently VDF adopts target group and community development approach in implementing its programs. In target group approach, VDF first organizes the beneficiaries’ i.e. distressed and powerless people into homogeneous groups through rapport building, motivation, animation, and education. Secondly, it facilitates inactivation of group dynamism through empowerment and human resource development. Finally, VDF facilitates in the initiation of economic activities to alleviate poverty through active involvement and participation along with promoting women’s economic rights and control over resources.

Nature of Beneficiaries of Organization:
Distressed, poor, hardcore poor and powerless people especially women of lower income group families viz. landless, day laborers, marginal farmers, destitute, widow, Hardcore poor including urban slums are the direct beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are organized into partner groups for their socio-economic development through empowerment and local resources mobilization especially manpower, water & soil.